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"Oxygen breathes life

             into everyday promotional ideas..."

Oxygen is Australasia’s leading range of paper based promotional products. Oxygen breathes life into everyday promotional ideas that are exciting, innovative, functional, memorable and of the highest quality. Products that promote your brand and message with maximum impact and cost effectively.


The corner stone product in the range is the Stuk Note brand of repositionable products. Stuk Note paper is sourced from Europe’s leading manufacturer of sticky note paper which is coated with a water based adhesive, eradicating solvents from the production process.











As a member of the Club of Notes we have access to a global network of printers who specialize in the production of sticky notes and related products. The Club of Notes is not just a group of manufacturers; it is a cohesive team who share a common passion for developing innovative and competitively priced repositionable note products.


All of the products displayed in this catalogue have been produced by members of the Club of Notes, and represent ideas and solutions from around the world, many of which can be used to promote brands, products and services.


Oxygen and the Club of Notes cooperate extensively with paper suppliers who apply clear ecological and ethical principles, are committed to the environment, and obtain their raw materials from environmentally friendly and sustainable forestry. Raw material suppliers are chosen according to recognised international standards such as FSC, ISO9000, ISO14001 and PEFC etc.


The pictures on this website are intended to provide inspiration with the presentation of a broad range of paper based promotional products and accessories.

Club of Notes International
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